Last Regatta Regalia Stocks for sale

Regatta Regalia Last Stocks

The regatta clothing is being seen on many of those attending WHYW. There are still a few items available and these can be purchased/collected at the prize giving tonight from 8pm at the Argyllshire Gathering Halls in Oban. 

If you would like to reserve please let us know item and boat and we can put it aside.

Stock remaining-

Hoodies 1 2xl. 1l. 1m. 2s
Polo 1 2xl. 1xl. 1l. 2m. 2s. 1xs.
Rugby 1 2xl. 1 l. 5m. 1s.
T shirt 1xl. 1s.
Wind proof 1 2xl. 2m. 2s.
Gillet 4l

Windproof 2 xl 16. 
Gillet 1 2xl 18. 2 xl 16. 1 l 14.
T 1 2xl 18. 3 2xl 18.
Polo 2 2xl 16. 3 l 14. 1 m 12

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