Congratulations to Delinquent, Enigma (Class 1) and Marisca who submitted 70 correct answers in spite of our mistakes with clue length.  Also to Bascule and Zara of Doon who got just 1 wrong.  Here are the answers with a fresh one in place of the duplicate at 64.

WHYW QUIZ 2017                                                       
All answers are the names of yachts competing in WHYW. Names don’t necessarily include extra words, e.g. “of the Clyde” or a numerical suffix but will be the name by which the yacht is usually known
1 Top gear boys (6)   CARMEN
2 Demon drink (6)   SPIRIT
3 Theresa’s advance (7)   MAYRISE
4 Can never get too much (10)   INSATIABLE
5 Daughter of Princess Anne (4)   ZARA
6 Heart of animal in distress in Kenyan resort (7)   MALINDI
7 Found in a nickel anagram (6)   KELANA
8 In this, as good as they’re ever going to get (6)   REEVER
9 Mick couldn’t get any (12)   SATISFACTION
10 Sounds like time to get up, boy (7)   SUNRISE
11 Can nudes cavort with Butch (8)   SUNDANCE
12 The end of little bear’s handle (7)   POLARIS
13 Turing puzzle (6)   ENIGMA
14 Queen’s Bohemian sheer delight (8)   RHAPSODY
15 Not welcome in a rain storm (5,4)   LEAKY ROOF
16 Possibly blamed for state of uproar (6)   BEDLAM
17 Mushy peas, that is a sailor’s meal (3,3)   SEA PIE
18 Sounds as if the Protest Chair is here (10)   PIECEMAKER
19 Steal nothing from this one (4)   RoBo
20 Great growth in the vineyard (5,3)   GRAND CRU
21 Cold cure (3,5)   HOT TODDY
22 Silver ring (7)   ARGENTO
23 Two girls together for another (8)   KATERINA
24 Is this the drummer in a heavy metal band? (5,5)   STEEL PULSE
25 Sticky stuff under trees (7)   FIRSTAR
26 Road, crossing and junction (2,7)   ST BRIDGET
27 During the carnival, kyrie eleison was sung (8)   VALKYRIE
28 Tin bye-bye (7)   CANTATA
29 Fortunate hooligan vegetable (5,3,6)   LUCKY NED PEPPER
30 Oral examination – but not by a dentist? (4)   VIVA
31 The Irish spirit has been mixed (7)   BANSHEE
32 Hard working rodent back in Knapdale Forest (4,6)   BUSY BEAVER
33 Lunar lorry (10)   MOONSTRUCK
34 Spotted in sparkly diamond-crusted outfit (5)   LYDIA
35 Preserve odd McIan to chill out with music (6)   JAMMIN
36 Lily, fish and astronomer (9)   STARGAZER
37 Remiss and overdue (10)   DELINQUENT
38 That’s OK at the moment, trucks are failing to start (2,6)   NO WORRIES
39 Sounds like you stink with first of Archimedes (6)   EUREKA
40 Son of Cush, the great-grandson of Noah – a mighty hunter (6)   NIMROD
41 Dad’s bad joke (7)   POPCORN
42 Scotch whisky (6,6)   CELTIC SPIRIT
43 A rain map of Trinidad (8)   NAPARIMA
44 Ungodly rudder sounds (9)   SCINTILLA
45 Way off beyond the boundary? (4,3)   FARR OUT
46 Suffering gnat rash! (8)   TRASNAGH
47 Spotted in the Leomaris camp (7)   MARISCA
48 The answer churned out is energy (8)   SYNERGIE
49 We expect this of you in order to win the trophy (5,4)   LEVEL BEST
50 Magic friend of Brian and Dougal (7)   ZEBEDEE
51 Big cat involved in fuel saving (4)   ELSA
52 Wild card among Batman’s enemies (5)   JOKER
53 Lord of all his kind (9)   SHADOWFAX
54 Friends of the potato isle (5,8)   ARRAN COMRADES
55 Island god (6)   IONARA
56 Sad end in Paris for tuna (7)   BLUEFIN
57 Diver Tom in endless attaction (10)   MAGDALEYNE
58 Sails sweetly through the valley (9)   GLENAFTON
59 Dry island (6)   TIORAM
60 Did this gangster flee to the north? (4,6)   COOL BANDIT
61 Before red mist (5,4)   AMBER HAZE
62 Drawbridge made from copper in Swiss city (7)   BASCULE
63 Room with 540 doors (8)   VALHALLA
64 Top Spooner’s feminine hair (9)    
65 Chopped salami with hesitation (10)   SALAMANDER
66 Tenth letter (3)   JAY
67 And the livin’ is easy? (6,5)   SUMMER THYME
68 Standard deviation twitch (8)   SIGMATIC
69 Unveils a cocktail (7)   SUILVEN
70 Found in problem arachnid (7)   LEMARAC


Vehicles parked near Oban Sailing Club

We do not know if these vehicles are anything to do with the WHYW fleet, but if any of you are the owner/s of Toyota Yaris SL14 JHO or Citron Berlingo SM09 XZL which are blocking the access to the Seafood Temple bin (due to be emptied first thing Wednesday morning and is at present completely blocked), but if so, if they are not removed by  Tuesday afternoon they will have no choice but to contact the police and report the said vehicles for obstruction.