Message from Chairman 3rd March 2023.

Dear all,


I have been given a gentle prod, and told that it is time to update you again. And so it is. There is so much going on with the organisation of WHYW 2023, and at least for us on the committee, it is all very exciting.


Firstly, a big thanks to you, the competitor. It is great to see your entries coming in, and indeed coming in thick and fast. Quite a lot of first time entries, which is exactly what we want to see – not, of course, that we are any less enthusiastic about seeing our old friends. And we are getting news of boats intending to come from Ireland to join us – so a big welcome.


My next word of thanks must be to our sponsors. Our appeal for new sponsors has had a fantastic (and generous) response, and indeed we continue to receive new offers of support. We are as ever indebted to our main sponsor, Tunnocks, who have stood by us for many years, and particularly through the last few slightly difficult years. And their support is so ever present – not just a cheque in the bank, but the daily reminder of those delicious tea cakes! How does the likes of Cowes Week cope without that?


New sponsors include the Majestic Line, Moulin Brewery, the Ballachulish Marina and Treeline Woodlands. We have others waiting in the wings ……… But let us not forget our old stalwarts – Nerabus Gin, Tobermory Harbour Association, Craobh Marina, Kerrera Marina and Scottish Canals.


I am not going to say too much about the racing, as good racing at WHYW is a given. But wont it be great if we can get really good numbers in each class? Johnny Readman is looking forward to the challenge!


But what I must mention is the social programme for the week – still in the making, but with the most incredible diversity of ideas being discussed. If your idea of social life is a quiet drink on board with friends, well, that may still be possible…. but if you want to broaden your mind to whisky tasting, dinghy races, baking competitions, ceilidhs, possibly even a talk on “environmentally conscientious fashion,” then believe me, your committee are “on it!”


Finally my thanks to my committee, each and every one of them invaluable. In a future message I am going to name them, again, but in the meantime, suffice it to say that the energy and enthusiasm which is going into the organisation of  this years event leaves me a little breathless!