West Highland Yachting Week – 2023


Dear all,


Firstly, thank you to all those who kindly responded to my email, described loosely as a questionnaire. I was very impressed by the number of responses I got, and particularly heartened by how positive they all were! And I  am sure that there would have been many who intended to reply, but if you are like me, the email slips off the bottom of the screen and out of mind. So if you would still like to make your thoughts known, we would be delighted to hear from you. Never too late!


Meanwhile, we have started planning for next year. As you will be aware, 2023 is to be our 75th anniversary, and we are determined that it should be an event to remember. Yes, West Highland Yachting Week is a race week, but it is so much more than just a race week. We sincerely hope you will agree that good racing in magnificent surroundings is a given, but we would also like to attract those who may not have considered racing, or those who think that their racing days are over. There  really is something  for everyone, and it is all about the taking part. If I have one over riding aim as chairman of the event, it is that the week should be inclusive of one and all – and that all should feel warmly welcomed!


During the course of my introduction to this years event, I told the story of my family’s participation in a West Highland Week many years ago. The behaviour of my young family throughout that week had reduced me to such shame, that when I saw a committee boat heading in our direction, I was convinced that it was to ask us please to go home and never return. On being told that it was to inform us that we had won the family prize, a tear ran down my cheek! That is what West Highland Week is about.


So do, please come and join us next year. And not only that, but please bring your friends. Watch the website for promotional material, highlights and special offers – we will look forward to seeing you!




Chairman, West Highland Yachting Week