West Highland Yachting Week 2022

It’s official, the dates for West Highland Yachting week 2022 have been confirmed please see below a wee message from the Chairman.
On behalf of your committee, I would like to take this opportunity of wishing you a very happy Christmas and good New Year.
Last year we were determined to hold a West Highland Yachting Week, and we did! For 2022 we are determined to hold a really good West Highland Yachting Week, with all the “trimmings” – social events and all. Of course, there can be no guarantees, but we are indeed fortunate with our sport, and with this event in particular, in that so much of it can be held in open air.
The date for the week will be the usual first week in August, starting on Saturday 30th July, and concluding on Friday 5th August. The format of the week will be very much along the usual lines, with the two feeder races leading into the main event which will start at Craobh Haven, before going on to Oban and then up to Tobermory. The one difference for the coming year is that we will aim to include more “round the buoys” racing than was the case in 2021, and which will be interspersed with the usual passage races. And we will of course include white sail classes as well as spinnaker classes.
My own personal aim for 2022 is to concentrate not only on the family nature of this week, a characteristic for which it has always been noted, but also to focus on the inclusiveness of the event – I would like to ensure that every competitor feels a warm Highland welcome to a warm West Highland week!
Wishing you all the best for the festive season, and we will look forward to seeing you at the end of July.
Chairman West Highland Yachting Week