Special Trophies 2017

MACBRAYNE CENTENARY CHALLENGE CUP:                                                                        

To the yacht making the fastest passage in the

Craobh to Oban Race:                                                                        WARRIOR 


OBAN BICENTENARY TROPHY: To the yacht with                                                                     

the best corrected time for the Craobh to Oban race:                 POPCORN  


ANGUS MELDRUM TROPHY: To the yacht with the                  

the best corrected time for the Oban to Tobermory race:           BANSHEE  


BRITISH WATERWAYS TROPHY: To the yacht with                 

the best corrected time for the Tobermory to Oban Race:          ARRAN COMRADES  


IONA SHOP TROPHY: To the yacht with the fastest                                                                  

corrected time over the three passage races –

Monday, Wednesday & Friday:                                                          BANSHEE


JOHN G MAXWELL TROPHY: To the yacht with the best                                                          

overall score in Class 8 sailed by a member of the Royal

Highland Yacht Club:                                                                           HOT TODDY




To the best family yacht, regardless of class or results,

as judged by the Race Committee:                                                     GRAND CRU


PETER COCKS TROPHY: To the yacht which in the              

opinion of the Race Committee has given the best                                                                     

overall performance throughout the Points Series:                        MAGDALEYNE