PressGangs Report on Craobh to Oban

This was the first time that I’ve taken part in West Highland Yachting Week. We did not race on Sunday from Craobh so instead we went snorkelling just outside the Marina. My Brother and I saw lots of fish , sea urchin and starfish but the water remained very cold. During the feeder race from Gigha to Craobh there was every different type of wind possible- (I have never seen so many sails being put up and taken down in three hours as we did then.) As we got closer to Craobh the wind picked up and I got the boats best top speed- 15Knots- just as we passed Corryvreckan. This was good preparation for today’s Craobh to Oban Race.

2018 West Highland Yachting Week

I was steering today and at the start all of the boats were like huge elephants charging at our tiny boat as we crossed the line of the 20 mile race to Oban- we were close to being over but just on the right side so that might be beginners luck!

 As we got closer to the windward mark all of the spinnakers were like a giant rainbow filling the horizon with colour. As we passed through the sound of Luing we some some violent whirlpools but passed without incident. It then became windy during the race to Oban and we broached four or five times- but after the first one who’s counting!

2018 West Highland Yachting Week

 The closer and closer we got to Oban the more we could make out and we started to see the castles appearing from the green and hilly sourroundings.


When the big white and brown committee boat came into view we were welcomed by three porpoises to celebrate our success and guide us across the finish line. Throughout my time so far we have seen plenty of porpoises and last night saw an otter in the Marina so far I have had a great time and am sure it will get even better in Tobermory


Kelly Paterson


Class 3

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