Tunnock’s galore in the Sound of Mull

Day 5

Thursday 2 August. Class 5

Race 1 

It’s time for Leaky Roof 2’s Thursday caramel log *pun intended!* 

As the race started we were dubious of our position but the roof managed to find a reasonable position after a Tunnocks snowball fight of a start. The race officer then decided to pull the plug due to an unfair wind-shift. This allowed the crew time to have a coffee and a Tunnocks Teacake, cause as you know ‘there’s tonnes of taste in a Tunnock’s!’

After a short time the race officer decided to give it another go, the roof had a chaotic restart but managed to dig themselves out and worked hard to claim second place behind Sea-Pie of Cultra.

Race 2

There was a wafer cream thin chance of us having a perfect start and we ended up pushing shadowfax and ourselves over the start line, because of this we had to jibe putting us on the port tack which actually benefited us in the long run. The rest of the race was mainly traffic management over the four rounds before we bagged ourselves a cheeky first place, you could even say the roof was on fire !

On the way back to Tobermory we put the tunes on, laid back and had a wee ‘daydream with a wafer cream’!

Name: Rachel Harper

Age: 15

Boat Name: Leaky Roof 2

Class: 5

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