Pressgang report of Thursdays Sound of Mull Races

Having arrived in Tobermory for lunch time on Wednesday, a good rest was had before races resumed on the Thursday morning.

With around 5 knots of breeze, classes 1-5 were able to set off around the course before we were becalmed on the start line meaning both class 7 and 8 weren’t able to hone their starting routines. Mr Tunnocks had obviously seen this coming as he waited alongside Chico for them to recall the fleet.

A well managed light spell by the race committee saw a restart of race 1 for the Tunnocks fleet. This new batch of wind was steadier and allowed for a good race in light to moderate conditions. A special mention to Gigha being single handedly sailed around the course without a hitch.

The second race saw a 90 degree windshift and Lodestar altered the buoys accordingly. The sail changes became slicker and the shouts from the helm became calmer as winds eased off towards the end of the race. Lady Ex impressively sailed her spinakker through the line to end the days racing with a flourish.

The real race then commenced to grab the last spaces on the Tobermory pontoons. Class 8, however, know when a battle is lost so enjoyed the sail across the channel all in time for the annual class party. Many thanks to Scintilla and Marisca for hosting!

Lewis Fyfe

Class 8

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