“Press-ganging” to be encouraged at West Highland Yachting Week!

“Pressganging” to be encouraged at West Highland Yachting Week!
2018 marks the 71st year of West Highland Yachting Week and coincides with the Scottish Governments Year of the Young Person so what better time to reintroduce “press-ganging” to the event. This year we are asking Skippers to encourage/volunteer and persuade younger crew members to write posts about the event. In particular we are looking for daily updates about the racing- conditions, competition, class rivalries and results which we can use to archive the event.
We simply require articles of between 250 and 500 words submitted each evening by 6pm to office@whyw.co.uk. Please add your name, age and boat name to the entry and we will contact all winners. The articles can be accompanied by your own images taken on the course or we can add to them with images taken by Yachting Images who will be shooting the regatta for historical record. The articles can be about one single classes daily battles or the complete fleets movements and results -it’s up to you.
There will be an award for the most interesting, entertaining and accurate article but as with historic press-ganging its the taking part that matters! You can enter simply for one day and write about that particular race or give yourself a better chance by entering every day. Each day the best entry will be posted and at the end of the week the best overall entry will be announced and published.
So Skippers please cast your eyes around your crew and decide who can be volunteered- remember it will be easier to recommend them in advance rather than receiving the “Kings Shilling” on the dock when you return in the evening!

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