Class Split announced

With the first deadline for entries passing we are delighted to see that over 80 boats will be on the start line.  (There is still time for late entries to apply) So for that reasons we have adjusted the class splits to firstly insure competitive racing and secondly to balance the starts.

Johnnie Readman -the Principal Race Officer- highlighted that West Highland Yachting Week is a “big” event and it is described as a Premium event. Therefore he wanted  to give the racing a “big” event feel, by which he believes there should be more boats on the start line than the humdrum weekend/evening race starts.

So we have balanced the classes to over 10 boats on each start which should make it both interesting and challenging.

In accordance with NoR 3.6 and SI6, the following is the list of class splits:

Class        Handicap Band                                                                        

1               IRC rated to a minimum TCC of 0.850 and a minimum SSS of 10

3               CYCA handicaps 12.75 minutes and below                                    

4               Restricted Sail class for CYCA handicaps below 12.65 minutes    

5               CYCA handicaps 13.00 to 15.25 minutes                                       

6               Restricted Sail class for CYCA handicaps over 13.75 to 16.75 minutes  

7               CYCA handicaps over 15.25 minutes to below 18.75 minutes       

8               CYCA handicaps 18.75 to 28.0 minutes

9               Restricted Sail class for CYCA handicaps over 16.75 to 28.0 minutes


For a full list of class yachts and entries please click this link

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