SI 6.2     Thursday 5th August amend to

               Up to 2 races     Argyll fleet

               Up to 3 races     Tunnocks fleet

Appendix 5.2      ARGYLL FLEET Change to VHF channel to ch 77

Appendix 5.3      Replace wording with …Argyll Fleet Starting Area North of Tobermory Bay. Competitors are warned that the starting line may be up to 6.5 miles from the entrance to Tobermory Bay to the north west and should allow adequate time to reach the area

Appendix 5.5      VHF channel is changed to Ch 77

Appendix 5.9      Change Tunnocks fleet courses to BOTH FLEET COURSES Courses will be described on VHF Ch 77 – See Appendix 3

A second race will be started as soon as possible after the first race. The second race my not have the same configuration as race 1 or starting order of classes and boats should monitor VHF 77


If the weather allows us to catch up with Monday’s lost race, we need the facilities to have 2 races for the Argyll fleet & 3 races for the Tunnocks Fleet. We will only use one start line; therefore, we will only use Ch 77.

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