Scottish Seafarms Firth of Lorne Races from Class 7

Day 3 of West Highland Week for Autism on the Water and the rest of the fleet in the Tunnocks fleet saw very strong winds and big seas as well as a return of the rain! 
All spinnaker classes had a epic race with the strong winds and big seas making for difficult steering for skippers. For Autism on the Water with Matthew Thomas coach of Team New Zealand Sailing team calling tactics, we had a SUPERB race flying the spinnaker on each leg touching at least 20kts boat speed with the crew sitting well back of the boat and the skippers heart rate 50 times faster!!! 
However Salamander along with Cool Bandit and Piecemaker took deserved first three placings with the conditions suiting the boats perfectally. We had a fantastic 4th place which was a very good result for us! We also shout out to our friends on Shadowfax who were leading Class 5 and and entertained the committee boat with a spectacular broach which cost them places! We’ve offered coaching sessions for a decent price! But are impressed with a slick recovery! 
2018 West Highland Yachting Week
For me personally it’s so special for me to have my own boat here. I am so passionate about raising awareness of autism through sailing, it’s a sport that requires serious confidence and problem solving skills. For me that was tested big time and honestly sailing that fast was mind blowing. I want to thank my crew for all their efforts in tough conditions and for helping me embrace the difference as we sail and also our thanks to our sponsors Octopi Engineering for making it possible to be here. Having competed for so many years as crew I never thought I’d see the day I’d have my own boat here racing competively in tough conditions. I’m autistic myself and I certainly have made some dreams come true this week. 
Thank you all for the experience 
Murray MacDonald 
Class 7
Autism on the Water 

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