Press gang moves to Balamory

Day 4

Wednesday 1 August. Class 5

Race 1

So what’s the story in Balamory wouldn’t you like to know. Well, today was a 23 mile passage race from Oban to Tobermory with an extremely early start time of 07:55 that was as horrible as it sounds but once everyone was up and changed into their water-proofs we were ready to go !

Some misleading information about the position of the start line from a certain team member meant that we weren’t as early as we would have liked, but, we still made it in time. 

Leaky Roof 2 had a great start after class 7 had a general recall giving us clear air and plenty of space to work our way up the Lismore shore with Shadowfax and Leaky Roof 2 tacking off early for fresh breeze, this led to them establishing an early lead.  

Whilst trying to go round the outside of the Sgair Nan Gael island, we noticed Shadowfax sneaking through the inside of said island and Lismore light, after some deliberation we decided to follow the local knowledge through the small gap without once taking our eye off the depth ! 

Very shortly after squeezing through we put the kite up and were off to Tobermory where we worked extremely hard to get clean air stopping the big boats from going to windward of us. 

Leaky Roof 2 briefly gained on close competitor Shadowfax before they managed to escape again in their own wind finishing first in our class. 

Once back in Tobermory we settled down for T and medals. T being Tennents and medals being the extra boxes of Tunnocks Caramel Wafers thrown over to us.

Name: Rachel Harper

Age: 15

Boat Name: Leaky Roof 2

Class: 5 



Oban to Tobermory Pressgang Report from Blue Jay

Day 4 of West Highland Yacht Week for Blue Jay, Class 1:

An early start for all classes led to an interesting mix of conditions with wind speeds building and dropping off throughout the day with a building tide against the passage through the Sound of Mull. All onboard shook off the clutches of sleep and put on a happy face ready for racing! 

Racing started on time for all classes, bar class 7 who seemed almost too keen to get their pontoon berth in Tobermory… All competitors had passed through Lady’s Rock by around 8:45, after this the pace really began to snowball. With wind just aft of the beam many of the fleet hoisted reaching kites with these being exchanged or peeled for their larger running equivalents as the wind continued to track back. At this stage class 1 began to separate with many of the class heading high to get the early benefit of fresh wind whilst others sailed a straighter course risking the effects of the tide. 

The sail through the sound, past Salen, really took the biscuit with a gradual bear away and the first signs of Tobermory appearing off the bow. Most of the fleet chose a shoreline route, sticking to the wafer thin shallows with several gybing battles ensuing. Although the wind looked favourable in the main channel, many yachts stuck to this tactic as they likely feared the deeper water would be like sailing through pure caramel with no hope of rolling across the competition. A few yachts ventured out into the channel and it paid dividends as the wind swung forwards and filled in strongly, giving the boost they needed to pull away from those behind to close the gap to the front runners. After this it was only a short round up outside the bay at Tobermory and across the finish line. 

2018 West Highland Yachting Week

Racing finished in high spirits with all competitors happy with their performance and ready for a well deserved pint in the Mishnish (other brands of Tobermory hospitality are available). 

A special mention to Wildwood, with the youngest helm barely able to see over the wheel! They prove that West Highland Yacht Week is still truly a family business. And also to our great friend and crew member Fiona Rae who celebrates her birthday today!

Thanks to all racers, organisers and sponsors for what has been a brilliant week so far with more yet to come! 


Blue Jay, GBR 2068R

Scottish Seafarms Firth of Lorne Races from Class 7

Day 3 of West Highland Week for Autism on the Water and the rest of the fleet in the Tunnocks fleet saw very strong winds and big seas as well as a return of the rain! 
All spinnaker classes had a epic race with the strong winds and big seas making for difficult steering for skippers. For Autism on the Water with Matthew Thomas coach of Team New Zealand Sailing team calling tactics, we had a SUPERB race flying the spinnaker on each leg touching at least 20kts boat speed with the crew sitting well back of the boat and the skippers heart rate 50 times faster!!! 
However Salamander along with Cool Bandit and Piecemaker took deserved first three placings with the conditions suiting the boats perfectally. We had a fantastic 4th place which was a very good result for us! We also shout out to our friends on Shadowfax who were leading Class 5 and and entertained the committee boat with a spectacular broach which cost them places! We’ve offered coaching sessions for a decent price! But are impressed with a slick recovery! 
2018 West Highland Yachting Week
For me personally it’s so special for me to have my own boat here. I am so passionate about raising awareness of autism through sailing, it’s a sport that requires serious confidence and problem solving skills. For me that was tested big time and honestly sailing that fast was mind blowing. I want to thank my crew for all their efforts in tough conditions and for helping me embrace the difference as we sail and also our thanks to our sponsors Octopi Engineering for making it possible to be here. Having competed for so many years as crew I never thought I’d see the day I’d have my own boat here racing competively in tough conditions. I’m autistic myself and I certainly have made some dreams come true this week. 
Thank you all for the experience 
Murray MacDonald 
Class 7
Autism on the Water 

Pressgang view from Class 5

Day 2

Monday 30 July. Class 5

Race 1

Once again it was another dry departure from Craobh with the champagne sailing southerly winds reaching 24kts at times. Lots of boats made the decision to add a few reefing lines to their mains and number 2’s.

With a lively and gusty start the class 5 boats were off on a very splashy 3 mile beat with lots of serious hiking involved! 

Heading round the Isle of Shuna we had a 17 mile spinnaker run toward Oban which thankfully stayed dry for the whole stretch.

During this time Warrior from class 1 had a rather exciting turn of events when their kite breached and knocked their jib into the water which they didn’t realise until quite some time later.

On board Leaky Roof 2, there were no repeats of yesterday’s head smashing and again using the Tunnocks kit for inspiration. 

Name: Rachel

Age: 15

Boat Name: Leaky Roof 2

Class: 5

West Highland Week pressgang prove it’s an event for all ages

Craobh to Oban Passage Race- Class 6

Today I went sailing with Mummy on Granny and Grandad’s boat. I woke up nice and early to prepare for a serious day of racing, but I was too excited and peaked early so had to be put down for nap as we left the dock.

I’m told that the start was nice and windy without too much drama, and that the windward leg went off without a hitch. I decided to join the rest of the crew about half way down the Sound of Luing, at which point a delicious lunch was served. I remember eating a particularly tasty bit of cheese as the first of the Class 1 boats started to overtake us. Their sails have lots of pretty colours.

I chewed on ropes for a bit and had a good play with a winch then daddy sailed past in his boat Satisfaction and I got to wave at all my friends.

I got to see a pretty boat called Chico with lots of flags when we finished the race. Mummy said I had to wave nicely at the race committee because they work very hard to let us go sailing. Then Mummy tried to make me have another nap… but I decided I didn’t want one.

   By Emily Marshall, Celerity (7 months, 3 weeks)

Last Regatta Regalia Stocks for sale

Regatta Regalia Last Stocks

The regatta clothing is being seen on many of those attending WHYW. There are still a few items available and these can be purchased/collected at the prize giving tonight from 8pm at the Argyllshire Gathering Halls in Oban. 

If you would like to reserve please let us know item and boat and we can put it aside.

Stock remaining-

Hoodies 1 2xl. 1l. 1m. 2s
Polo 1 2xl. 1xl. 1l. 2m. 2s. 1xs.
Rugby 1 2xl. 1 l. 5m. 1s.
T shirt 1xl. 1s.
Wind proof 1 2xl. 2m. 2s.
Gillet 4l

Windproof 2 xl 16. 
Gillet 1 2xl 18. 2 xl 16. 1 l 14.
T 1 2xl 18. 3 2xl 18.
Polo 2 2xl 16. 3 l 14. 1 m 12

PressGangs Report on Craobh to Oban

This was the first time that I’ve taken part in West Highland Yachting Week. We did not race on Sunday from Craobh so instead we went snorkelling just outside the Marina. My Brother and I saw lots of fish , sea urchin and starfish but the water remained very cold. During the feeder race from Gigha to Craobh there was every different type of wind possible- (I have never seen so many sails being put up and taken down in three hours as we did then.) As we got closer to Craobh the wind picked up and I got the boats best top speed- 15Knots- just as we passed Corryvreckan. This was good preparation for today’s Craobh to Oban Race.

2018 West Highland Yachting Week

I was steering today and at the start all of the boats were like huge elephants charging at our tiny boat as we crossed the line of the 20 mile race to Oban- we were close to being over but just on the right side so that might be beginners luck!

 As we got closer to the windward mark all of the spinnakers were like a giant rainbow filling the horizon with colour. As we passed through the sound of Luing we some some violent whirlpools but passed without incident. It then became windy during the race to Oban and we broached four or five times- but after the first one who’s counting!

2018 West Highland Yachting Week

 The closer and closer we got to Oban the more we could make out and we started to see the castles appearing from the green and hilly sourroundings.


When the big white and brown committee boat came into view we were welcomed by three porpoises to celebrate our success and guide us across the finish line. Throughout my time so far we have seen plenty of porpoises and last night saw an otter in the Marina so far I have had a great time and am sure it will get even better in Tobermory


Kelly Paterson


Class 3

Saturday Racing WHYW 18

Oban to Craobh passage race as seen from Shadowfax (First 31.7).

West highland yachting week 2018 started in Oban today on a warm grey (very early) morning. With very little wind in Oban bay the race team took the fleet down the sound of Kerrera for a start just south of cutter rock.

WIth the breeze filling from the south east, the race team got us away without to much delay.

At the pin end of the line Prime cut and Murray MacDonalds Autism on water battled it out with Shadowfax just to leeward. As the gun went the fleet were away with no recalls. On Shadowfax the spinnaker was set early and pulled us out to an early lead soon to be overhauled by the quicker boats of Taz, Warrior and Moonstruck 2.

The race progressed through the inside of Insh island with not much place changing and all the spinnakers set.

As the big boats rounded Easdale island the breeze built for a short period to Fladda where it became to tight to continue with spinnakers, and the fleet changed onto headsails. We were then duly reminded it was West highland yachting week as the heavens opened, and rain, yes rain like you have never seen before killed the breeze and morale! It was still warm though. 

A short beat in light breeze took us to the orange turning mark where kites were once again set and a gentle run up to the finish line off Craobh rounded off a fine days sailing. With the tide under the keels all the way the fleet was quite close right throughout the finishing order.

Results just in and Marisca took a fine win in just under a minute on corrected from James Hardies Taz , with Shadowfax a close third. Warrior was fourth and rounding out the top five was Murray MacDonald’s Autism on water. A fine achievement for his first West Highland yachting week with the 707.

Thanks to all the organiser and sponsors and roll on tomorrow when the serious business starts for the points series.

Our pressgangs view of Sunday racing in the Tunnock Fleet

Sunday 29 July Class 5

Race 1 

As everyone was leaving the marina for the first race it’s safe to say we were pretty optimistic about the weather. Applying sun cream and changing into shorts we were looking forward to a nice dry sail hoping that this would not be another ‘Wet Highland Week’ and a sign of what’s to come, but of course we should’ve known better.

Shadowfax pulled of a cheeky port end start and led for most of the first round whilst we can only assume Mr Tunnock was still busy dishing out superior quality confectionary giving everyone else a chance as he was 5 mins late to the start. 

After the start things got very shifty when it turned into a game of Snakes and Ladders with Amber Haze reaching the top of the final ladder for a well deserved first.

Race 2 

A few soggy sandwiches later in the pouring rain it was time to set of for race 2. 

With the wind dropping by the second Leaky Roof 2 tried a risky port flyer and let’s just say it was more flop than fly. 

With the wind dropping to 0kts and the rain clearing away, the whole fleet came to a standstill while the committee boat Chico shortened the course to just 3 rounds. Sitting in complete silence the Roofers were running out of ideas and energy so we took to the stash of caramel wafers for inspiration which seemed to work until one member dropped the main halliard instead of the pole up-haul smashing the boom full force onto his wife’s head but more importantly slowing the boat down!

At the end of a rather long day Leaky Roof 2 managed to Schneckle their way past the rest of the Class members to top place even managing to overtake Carmen 2 from Class 3. 

Name: Rachel Harper

Boat Name: Leaky Roof 2 

Class: 5