List of Entries 2018

All the bad weather we have been experiencing this winter definitely put us into hibernating mode, but it will come to an end eventually and people will start getting ready for the 2018 season.  Peter Bloch from N.Ireland is the first to put in his entry for West Highland Week.  Perhaps that will stir others up – we look forward to receiving your entries!

Vehicles parked near Oban Sailing Club

We do not know if these vehicles are anything to do with the WHYW fleet, but if any of you are the owner/s of Toyota Yaris SL14 JHO or Citron Berlingo SM09 XZL which are blocking the access to the Seafood Temple bin (due to be emptied first thing Wednesday morning and is at present completely blocked), but if so, if they are not removed by  Tuesday afternoon they will have no choice but to contact the police and report the said vehicles for obstruction.